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第十七卷 第一期
Volume 17 Number 1
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航向「子午線」:徐仲年《法文上海日報》中的中國現代文學譯介 /

Sailing to “Meridian”: A Study of the Translation of Modern Chinese Literature in French Shanghai Daily (Le Journal de Shanghai) /
Shuowin Chen


《毛澤東語錄》的民間日語翻譯及其意識形態  /

The Non-Official Japanese Translations of Quotations From Chairman Mao Zedong and Their Ideologies /
Chi-Hang Cho


同調異聲──以命輯《滿洲源流考》上諭的三個滿文譯本為例  /

The Variations in the Same Theme: A Comparative Study on Three Manchu Translations of the Edict About Researches of Manchu Origins /
Ming-Che Tsai


The Reprocessed and Repositioned Poe: Investigating Translated Tales of Poe in Taiwan /
Shuoyu Charlottte Wu

重製╱置之坡:1950-2020 愛倫坡短篇小說在臺翻譯研究  /


Ursula K. Le Guin’s Tao Te Ching: An Interpretation Crossing Cultural Boundaries /
Chih-hong Rudy Chen

娥蘇拉.勒瑰恩《道德經》譯本:跨越文化籓籬的詮釋現象 /


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